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Swimming Pool Services

swimming pool cleaning and maintenancePool Cleaning and Maintenance

oasispools are specialists in the cleaning & maintenance of swimming pools. The service is available on a regular basis throughout the year and is inclusive of the following:

water quality and safetyEssential checks of water quality & safety

addition of pool chemicalsAddition of chemicals

pool vacuumingVacuuming base & steps

brushing of pool areasBrushing of pool sides, steps and base

backwashing of pool filterBackwashing of filters

pool equipment checksPool pumps, filters, heaters & sanitation equipment checks

clean and sanitise pool decking and surroundCleaning & sanitising pool decking and surround

overall pool checks for cleanliness and safetyOverall check that the pool is operating correctly and is clean and safe to use

chemical and water analysisChemical & water analysis

pool chemicalsIn conjunction with our pool cleaning service we supply all pool chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, acids, detergents, cleaning products, algacides, clarifiers, permonosulphates, biguanides, salt, tester kits, etc.

water analysisWe offer a complete water analysis test to ensure that your pool is safe to swim in & that the pool chemicals are being used correctly, safely and economically. Weekly water testing is also part of the cleaning & maintenance schedule.

pool reforms and repairsPool reforms & repairs

oasispools provide a full range of reform & repair services for new & existing pools such as:



installation of new pool equipmentinstallation of new pool equipment

pool system upgradesadvice on upgrades to your pool systems

pool equipment repairsrepairs to equipment

underwater pool repairsunderwater pool repairs

acid washingacid washing

leak detectionleak detection


Replacement & installation of swimming pool equipment

A complete range of quality pool equipment can be supplied and installed. To see our full range of pool equipment, please view our pool equipment services page

swimming pool services

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Swimming Pool maintenance and cleaning